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Kitano Hotel BBQ Kick Off Party

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写真はFood Photographyで美味しいシズルを撮らせたら右に出る物はいないクミのchamagraphy.comから拝借しました。chamagraphyを見るとお腹が減るので要注意!

I was invited to The Summer BBQ Kick-Off party at the Kitano New York’s Penthouse. The Hotel is located on Park Avenue at 38th street in Murray Hill. It was windy and rainy to hand out on the rooftop terrace in the evening, but the view from the rooftop terrace is spectacular with Empire State Building and Chrysler Building being so close. The Penthouse space, with a capacity of up to 60 people, is available for any social events, meetings, seminars, wedding receptions and private parties.

The picture is taken from my friend Kumi's chamagraphy.com. She takes amazing food pictures with juicy sizzles so be prepared to be hungry after you see chamagraphy!

The Kitano:

66 Park Avenue (38th st) New York, NY  Phone; 212-885-7000

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